Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boyne Berries Roundup

I have posted all contributors' copies of the magazine. (Almost all actually, waiting for postal addresses in one or two cases).

I have added more pictures to the slideshow on the website page. Our chairman is pretty nifty with the camera.

I have put up three pieces from the magazine as samples - the poem by the young Bulgarian yaSSen vaSSilev, a nicely enigmatic story by a young History and English student in UCD Steven Balbirnie and the final poem in the magazine by Maíríde Woods (Those fádas don't work on my website software!). Her poem is Death and Crosswords, (nice echo of cross words there) which has this wonderful beginning:

Death left the crossword
Unfinished, refused to fill in
The End.

I have added a PayPal facility to the magazine page to encourage sales - very important for survival. I know the link works because we have had an internet sale already. Thank you Peter, the magazine is in the post!

So that's Boyne Berries 6 put to sleep or whatever the phrase is.

I'm off to do some charity bag packing. Retirement, what retirement?

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Peter Goulding said...

Thanks Michael. I'd been hoping to make the launch but life once again conspired against me