Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boyne Berries Launch Tonight

Everything is organised isn't it?
Oh course it is.
That's unusual.
Well I still have to collect the magazine from the printer.
What! But the launch is in a few hours.
No problem. I just have to drive up to Blanchardstown and collect them.
Have you made out the readers' list?
Well, sort of.
Sort of!
I'm not quite sure who's coming.
Oh dear. And you have an introduction ready for Noel French who is launching the issue.
No our chairman does that.
Your chairman is gone to San Francisco.
San Francisco! That's a bit drastic. It's not that difficult to introduce Noel French.
We'll see how well you can do it so.
Ok, Ok, Make me a cup of coffee, yes another one, going to be a busy day. I'll do everything in plenty of time for the next issue.
Yea right.


Peter Goulding said...

Sadly I'm being dragged to the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra at Draiocht. Have a great night and I'm sure you will have everything organised with your usual flair.
(Incidentally, was San Francisco warned beforehand?)

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Peter.

Catherine Hastings said...

Good luck Michael, hope you pack it to the rafters.. Wish I could be there.