Monday, September 20, 2010

Emer Davis Poetry Launch

On Wednesday 22.09.2010 the Viaduct Bards presents the launch of Kill Your Television - Episode One: Poems by Emer Davis. Emer will read some poems from the book with an introduction by Anne Marie Buckley and music from Sorcha Duggan. Venue: Grogan's Bar on South William St, Dublin 2. Time: 7pm. Email:

Emer and the Viaduct Bards organising readings from local emerging and established poets and writers on the last Wednesday each month at the Drogheda Arts Centre cafe/bar between 7.30-9.30pm. Sean Nos Singing Session on afterwards at 9.30pm. A group from Boyne Writers are featured on the 27 October. Emer will be reading from her new collection at the Boyne Readings and Open Mic in Trim on 21 October.


Words A Day said...

Kill your television's a great title! Mines only rescusitated for x factor, I've no shame -it will yield lots of poems...honest.

Michael Farry said...

What about the soccer and the football and the cricket! Come on Pakistan! Lots of drama, poetry there.