Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Irish Revolution 1912-1923

The next twelve years will be the years of the Irish Revolution. No I'm not talking about Fianna Fáil or the IMF but about the commemoration of the events of 100 years ago - Volunteers, Rising, First Dáil, IRA, Ambushes, black and Tans, Treaty, Civil War etc. You will all be completely fed up with it by 2023.

I'm getting in early. Lots of books will be published to mark the events and Four Courts Press have come up with the idea of a series on each county (almost each one actually) in Ireland during the period - academic but also aimed at the general reader.

I've been asked to do the one on Sligo - delivery date November this year. Sligo will be one of the first three published, chosen I think because it was one of the less active counties. Tipperary, Cork, Kerry will come at the end I suppose.

It's hard work much more difficult than writing poetry. Sixty thousand words needed. The quantity is no problem, it's the quality. There has been so much written about the period, and so much evidence is available that it is a real challenge to deal with all the different strands and activities in a coherent way. Still it's an honour to be asked and while my first reaction was "No way, I'm finished with all that" on reconsideration it was an offer I couldn't refuse.


Ann said...

That is a challenge. A lot of research is ahead of you. But then that is part of the fun of it. Congratulations and the very best of luck!

Mari G said...

Congrats on being selected to write the single volume history book on Sligo, Michael. What an honour! Good luck with it. Hopefully it won't interfere with the poetry (or blogging!)


Michael Farry said...

Thanks Ann and Mari. It's an honour and a challenge and sometimes a nuisance!