Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Modern Ireland has Nothing to Inspire Modern Writing

I think this was postponed because of the Arctic pre-Christmas weather.

On Wednesday 2nd February the Irish Writers' Centre presents an open panel discussion on how the current economic climate is affecting modern writing in Ireland. Panellists from many areas across the Arts Sector will join together under one roof to discuss the impending budget and its possible effect on modern and aspiring writers as well as the dwindling number of arts organisations across the country.

The discussion will be chaired by poet Michael O' Loughlin, co-founder of Raven Arts Press. O’ Loughlin will be joined by The Sunday Business Post’s Books and Arts Editor Nadine O’Regan, Sean Love, co-founder of Fighting Words and former Amnesty Ireland director, author Claire Kilroy and Gerry Smyth, Managing Editor of the Irish Times and celebrated poet.

The discussion will begin at 7pm and is open to the general public.
Email: info@writerscentre.ie


Ann said...

I would imagine the present climate is very debilitating to writers or any creative person. Hope this gets a good turn out.

Words A Day said...

Don't they know that writers are permanently broke? And therefore blissfully unaffected by the current economic climate? Unless we count that snug feeling of everyone else trying to get into our boat!:)

Brigid said...

I agree with Niamh.
When have writers ever earned money?
We are starving in garrets but we still find the energy to pick up a pen.
I think creativity should be nurtured and supported and that funding should be in place to encourage emerging talent.
However, I have a feeling that a lot of writers have been successful when they had no choice but to succeed.

Neezes said...

Bad financially, but hard times have historically inspired good writing. Let's hope that happens.