Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patrick Chapman Writing Workshop

My other writing group, the Cavan/Meath LitLab group, organised a workshop with Patrick Chapman last evening. This was a very worthwhile event. Patrick attends a workshop himself regularly and he ran ours in the same way using the same rules. So as with our regular meeting we each had a piece and everyone commented on it. We did get the pieces in advance which we normally don't.

Our own meetings are rather informal with no rules as to who can comment in what order but Patrick's are much more formal. The author reads his/her piece without introduction and each of the others comments in turn. Then and only then can the author reply or explain. No interrupting! Everyone writes comments on the piece and gives these to the author at the end.

It worked very well. The formal responses meant that everyone had to comment on each piece, no hiding. This ensures that everyone gives as well as receives. We all agreed afterwards that we should try these rules for our LitLab meetings in future.

Patrick's most recent collection, The Darwin Vampires, is available from SalmonPoetry.

Our haiku coasters/beer mats are being reprinted for this year's Fleadh in Cavan and we are also doing poetry postcards, with short poems and suitable graphics. We also will be reading during the Cavan Fleadh.

Picture above: Patrick Chapman, right, with three LitLab members.

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