Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading all of Gulliver’s Travels

Reading of Gulliver’s Travels for Aware at Trim Swift Festival organised by Paddy Smith of the Boyne Writers and Trim Swift Festival and a few other things as well.

It will take 15 hours over 4 days to do this reading. They need 93 people to do it. Each will read 3 pages of the book (copies of the book supplied on the day).

Readers sit in the back seat of a Suzuki Swift car on Market Street, Trim. The car will be in position for five hours of readings each day during the festival. Each reader will pay €5 for the privilege of taking part in this project, with all the proceeds going to the charity Aware, and each will get a special certificate to show that they took part.

Listeners (if there are any) will be able to pay €2 each to sit in to the front seats of the car to listen for 15 minutes.

The readings are on
Friday 1st July (1pm to 6pm),
Saturday 2nd July (1pm to 6pm) and
Sunday 3rd July (10am to 3pm).

Why not be a part of this historic reading. contact Paddy and give him an idea of what time would suit you and he'll slot you in as close to that time as possible. The slots available are here on the website, which is updated every day.

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