Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reading Gulliver's Travels in Trim

Trim Swift Festival is noted for its innovative ideas. OK the idea of a public reading of a classic is not exactly new but reading it in the back seat of a car and charging two people to sit in the front and listen. Gives a new slant to back seat driving!

Each reader will pay 5 euro to read three pages of the book, an audience of 2/3 people in the front seat will pay 2 euro each to listen for 15 minutes. Proceeds in aid of Aware. All this in a parked (I hope) car in Market Street in Trim 1pm to 6pm on Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July and 10am to 3pm on Sunday 3 July. Full details here.

Book your slot by contacting committee member Paddy Smith

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