Friday, July 15, 2011

Irish Politician Makes Joke, Gets into Trouble

Did you see the headlines? A politician makes a joke in the Dáil about another politician.
Great, it's nice to see them having a bit of a laugh for a change.
Well not exactly. It didn't go down well.
Oh! But the media, the newspapers, the stand-up comedians, the sitting-on-bar-stools comedians, the talk show hosts, the talk show guests, the chat show hosts and everyone else in the country are always making fun of politicians and calling them names.
I know but this was different, I think.
How different? Was it satire? Can I use it in the Battle of the Books next year?
You better not. Not exactly satire. But I'm not sure how it was different.
A bitter public attack on a fellow politician using Dáil privilege?
No, it wasn't even public. Heard by accident.
What! A casual aside! I'd better be careful. Big brother may be listening.
Big sister more like!!
Ha, Ha. Sorry!!
One member of the Senate who failed to get elected to the Dáil at the recent election thinks that such comments "indicate that a culture of sexism still exists in the Oireachtas".
Right, so all men are damned because of one joke by one man. Surely that's sexism!
No way. Haven't you realised yet, you muppet? Sexism only works one way.

Why do we always come here
I guess we'll never know
It's like a kind of torture
To have to watch the show


fiona said...

dad, that is too funny!! just tell me did you and I put together a paper model from a magazine of a courtroom under attack by suffragettes when I was younger?? hmmmmmmm

Michael Farry said...

Can't remember Fiona. Primary school? Secondary school? someone did a project or something for Leaving Cert about suffragettes I seem to remember.