Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Trip to Sligo

All ready for Ballymote Heritage Weekend talk on Monday evening. Presentation was way too long so a spot of skilful surgery performed has it around 45 minutes. The title is Lawlessness Prevails everywhere: South Sligo 1918-1921.

Another draft of book finished. The news that footnotes are included in the 70,000 word limit was a disappointment but more surgery has resulted in 80,000 words. Last draft will start next week. Anybody want 10,000 spare words?

The Yeats Summer School is on in Sligo at the moment, two talks each morning. I hope to catch at least one morning's talks early next week.

Also an afternoon in Sligo library looking at photographs for the book and a newly discovered document relating to the civil war period found in the roof of a house.

Nice to get away for a relaxing week-end.

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