Friday, May 27, 2011

Bedford Archives Friday

And so to Bedford. This is the reason behind the whole journey, a visit to the archives here which has material on the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment which served in Sligo and north Roscommon in 1921-22. Some interesting material with some new viewpoints and some very nice quotes for the book. It's great to see those years from the viewpoint of "the other side".

The Regiment had two fatalities during those years, one soldier killed in an ambush in Co. Leitrim and one killed in an accident in Sligo Gaol. They were glad to get out of this strange country where you couldn't be sure who was friend or enemy. They had friends especially in Sligo where concerts and dances were regularly arranged and it seems that at least two soldiers went home with Sligo wives.

Many from the Regiment went back to England and then on to India. At least it was warmer there!

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