Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clematis Killed by Cold Winter

The garden is really coming to life after the recent rain.

Alas it looks like my clematis is finished. No sign of life. Pictures Top: This year. Below: last year. It survived the cold of January 2010 but obviously the second cold winter in a row was too much for it. The plant on the right climbing through the dead clematis is a woodbine/ honeysuckle.

I think it's best to leave the clematis there until the autumn and then cut it down. The wallflowers and bluebells under the tree look well. Must plant more for next year.

My magnolia has not flowered at all this year, presumably as a result of the cold but still looks healthy. All the fuchsia are dead but the ferns which I was worried about have burst into life.

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Mari G said...

Sadly, we have had to clear away some dead clematis too. The vicious cold of 2010/11 sure left its mark.