Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Éalú - TG4

The first programme of Magamedia's new season of Éalú starts on this Thursday, 16 February at 10.30 pm. This programme, A Pal in Prison, features Limerick man Sean Bourke who sprang Britain's most wanted KGB spy from Wormwood scrubs in 1966. George Blake was serving the longest sentence ever handed down by a British court when he befriended Bourke in prison and they hatched a plan that left intelligence around the world baffled.

Programmes 2 and 3 tell the stories of the escapes of Paddy Flemming and Francie McGuigan from Mountjoy and from Long Kesh respectively. There is an Éalú facebook page.

I think programme 4 is the one that deals with Frank Carty's escape from Sligo Jail. I play the part of a history expert in that one. Quite well actually!

TG4 are using the Kilgannon photograph of Sligo County Council 1920, above with the empty chair representing the imprisoned Carty, on the website at the moment. The photo will also appear in my new book.

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