Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reading: War Poets and War Poetry

In Flanders Fields - War Poets and War Poems An evening of history, poetry and poems with an introduction from guest poet and historian Dr. Michael Farry.

All Welcome. Come along and read your favourite war poem.

Venue: The Yeats Memorial Building, Sligo. Date: Tuesday November 11th. Time: 8.00pm

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this - any excuse to spend some time in Sligo and the Yeats Society readings are always welcoming and friendly.

Not easy to decide what to say and read but I have decided to talk a little about what the term "War Poetry" covers and how this has changed since 1914. I'll talk about which poets are now regarded as belonging to the canon of War Poets. I'll read some lesser well-know war poems, some by women including Irish authors and some local Sligo writers.

Being in the Yeats Memorial Building I'll also make some reference to Yeats' attitude to war poetry and the war poets.

Lots of discussion and poems available online. For example:
First World War Poetry Digital Archive.
At the Poetry Foundation.
Female Poets of WW1 Blog.

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