Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U2 Controversy

Protesters have demonstrated outside the Irish Department of Finance against U2's decision to move their tax affairs to the Netherlands to avoid paying tax on their royalties in Ireland. The protest was organised by the Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (DDCI) which campaigns on issues related to the developing world. The coalition contains such organisations as Concern Worldwide, Trócaire, Oxfam and various Catholic missionary orders.

U2 moved their publishing arm to the Netherlands in 2006 after the Government capped tax-free earnings for artists at €250,000. Previously, U2 had been one of the biggest beneficiaries of Ireland's tax-free status for artist royalties.

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So are they a business or are they artists?

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Unknown said...

That was always going to be a controversial move. They should put their money where their mouths are: Stop Global Poverty? Start at home boys.