Thursday, March 5, 2009

White House Reading

My reading at the White House Revival went very well last night. A good crowd, a nice selection of open mic poets with varied styles and themes including Boyne Writer Paddy Smith who accompanied me to Limerick.

I read for almost a half an hour to an audience of about thirty who were very attentive and responsive. Paddy is my reading advisor and I took his advice on introductions telling just enough to allow listeners to appreciate the twists of each poem.

The whole atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. Dominic and Barney are very good hosts and the local poets have a chat about poetry, writing and life in general. They really make you feel at home.

The ever efficient Dominic has already put a slideshow of pictures on his blog here (Choice of music appreciated!) and a video of me reading two poems on YouTube here. Thanks Dominic.

Back in Trim after 3am. Writers Group meeting tonight. We plan to start an open mic here in April. After last night I am even more enthusiastic about it.

Above: Barney, Dominic and myself.

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Unknown said...

Sounds promising for Trim: I hope that goes well. So you drove home after Limerick? I thought I was bad, with my drive home after Cork!

Good to see the pics and glad it went so well for you :)