Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another thing about Limerick

One the features of Ulick O'Connor's reading in Limerick was his reading by heart - he rarely consulted his texts which were large sheets printed on card as far as I could see - a good idea actually, you know how annoying it can be when an author is searching for a poem towards the end of his third volume.

Where was I , oh yes, reading by heart. It adds to a reading when the author can do this, I must try learning a few by heart. I remember Pat Boran challenging us at a workshop in Longford (I do get around don't I?) by asking if anyone in the group could recite one of their own poems by heart. Coughs and eyes on the ground all round. Having said that I have one or two I read often and find that I need to look at the page only a few times during the reading.

I got an email yesterday saying I was shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize in the UK. Or rather had been shortlisted - the prizes have been decided and I'm not among them. Still it's great to be even shortlisted in such a popular competition. The Bridport Prize, with a £5000 1st prize for short stories and for poems, is the biggest open creative writing competition in the English language. Results will be available on the Bridport website from 22 November.


Emerging Writer said...

What a great coup - the Bridport. Very prestigious. I think they should have told you about the shortlist and left a gap before they told you, you didn't win. Will they still publish you?

Michael Farry said...

Thanks EW. Yes I wondered about how they did it. Still this way eliminates that period of wondering and daring to hope that you might actually get a prize. No mention of publication, I don't see any mention of an anthology of winners this year.