Monday, October 26, 2009

Poetry in Luxembourg

In one of the main squares of Luxembourg city centre there is a memorial to the Luxembourg national poet, Michel Rodange (1827-1876). He was a primary teacher and later a functionary in the Public Buildings Administration. He was a poet in his leisure time.

In 1872 he published the satirical epic "Rénert oder de Fuuss am Frack an a Ma’nsgrésst" ("Rénert" or the fox in human clothing). This work, an adaption of the traditional European clever fox tale, was written in the language of the country. It was well regarded for its detailed yet mocking analysis of the character of the Luxembourg people. Like many another writer he does not appear to have been appreciated during his lifetime and it was only after his death that his work was appreciated.

The monument is a fine memorial near the city hall with a sculpture of Reynard himself on top.

As for his most famous poem I haven't been able to find an English translation anywhere on the internet.

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