Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poetry Upfront Balbriggan

This from Poetry Upfront, a group in Balbriggan, Co Dublin who organised an Open Mic event regularly in the town in the past. The venue changed hands and so the event hasn't taken place for a while. However they are to continue:

We intend to continue the activities of Poetry Upfront. Sometimes much as before, but more often with variations. We will attempt to displace poetry a little and put it in slightly strange situations. We are interested in finding out what happens to it, and the reactions (and commitment) of its writers and readers/audience, under unusual circumstances.

We will begin this second phase of Poetry Upfront close to 'home'. The next Poetry Upfront 'open-mic' session, then, will take place on Balbriggan Beach, on Monday 19 October 2009. Start time will be 7pm. As usual, everyone is welcome and admission (naturally) is free. Poets and audience may need to bring with them the following:

a) blanket
b) flask with hot tea or similar beverage
c) light source (flashlight, lantern etc)

We look forward to it and hope to see many of you there (we have made alternative arrangements in case of rain).

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