Sunday, October 11, 2009

Census 1911 - Patrick Kavanagh

The availability of the 1911 Census of Ireland online is a source of endless fascination, amusement and education.

The Kavanagh family census form for 1911 is interesting. The whole family is here in Mucker, Monaghan including the poet Patrick Kavanagh. There is also a journeyman shoemaker staying in the house presumably assisting the elder Kavanagh who gave his occupation as shoemaker. This journeyman was also a Monaghan-man and he could speak Irish as well as English as could Kavanagh senior but not Bridget his wife.

Seven children had been born in the fourteen years of marriage and all had survived. Patrick, the poet, was the only boy and was given as being seven years of age. Kavanagh was born on 21 October 1904 so in fact he was only six at the time of the census.

James Kavanagh, the poet's father, gives his age as fifty six, his wife as thirty eight on the census form.

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