Sunday, October 9, 2011

Irish Writers' Centre Poetry Courses

I need to attend a poetry writing course. Maybe after Christmas.

Some News from the Irish Writers' Centre.

The Irish Writers' Centre will be host to a number of exciting courses this October. With poets Peter Sirr and Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill teaching courses that will begin in the Centre this week. As well as being a poet, Peter is a former editor of Poetry Ireland Review and a former director of the Irish Writers' Centre. It's a great opportunity for anyone who writes poetry but wishes to develop their poems further or who wishes to write poems for the first time.

Grace Wynne-Jones will also be starting a creative writing course this week; it is suitable for both beginners and experienced writers. Grace aims to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can explore their creative sides.

If you're interested, please just book through the website, call the Centre at (01) 8721302 or just drop in and book in person.

Poetry Writing with Peter Sirr

11th October to 29nd November: Tuesdays 6.30pm-8.30pm. €220 / €200(members)

This eight week course will explore some of the routes into writing poetry. To get a sense of what's possible, we'll look at examples of poetry from a wide range of poets, as well as giving feedback on participants own work. Peter will suggest ways of getting beyond the personal and anecdotal into more exciting territory.

I like that last sentence! Too much of what passes as poetry (including some of my own) is merely well composed personal anecdotes with vague nods towards some eternal truth which the reader is expected to decipher and somehow be a better more sensitive person as a result.


Emerging Writer said...

I'd like to go to one too, but I find the cost quite prohibitive

Michael Farry said...

Indeed and no guarantee that it will be useful or worthwhile.