Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whale Watching - Perth

This morning we went whale watching off the coast between Fremantle and Rottnest Island (yes, where the shark struck earlier in the week). Fine weather, a good guide from the Centre for Whale Research (Western Australia), and co-operative whales made for a great two hour trip.

We saw at least eight humpback whales in two seperate pods doing what humpbacks do, blowing, showing their flukes and tails, diving and resurfacing. These whales are on their way south to the Antarctic where they will spend the southern summer. The boat by law must keep a certain distance but we had great views.

Taking photographs of whales is not easy, above the best of the few I took. The guide actually warned us not to let the camera get in the way of the experience - very wise words.

Some rain showers this morning in Perth. I understand Dundrum Shopping Centre in Dublin may have salmon (unsmoked?) swimming among the merchandise and the M50 may have a trout lane. Sorry about that!

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