Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sligo 1912-1923

The manuscript is ready. The book is, well maybe not finished, but finished for now. To be submitted to the editors early next week. Presumably there will be some, maybe much, rewriting but that's for later. For now it's finished, text, footnotes, photographs, maps, bibliography. A total of 73,305 words, a bit over the required but I'll trim it in line with the editors' recommendations.

To be published winter 2012.
Paperback: Catalogue Price: €17.50. Web Price: €15.75
Hardback: Catalogue Price: €45.00. Web Price: €40.50


Máire T. Robinson said...

Congratulation, Michael! Brilliant news. I look forward to the book. On another unrelated note, where did you get that cool owl? I love owls!

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Máire, I sort of collect owls and someone bought this one for me a few years ago. It's sitting in my office looking very wise but staying silent.