Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poetry Competition Results

The results from two competitions just announced. No joy in either I'm afraid.

The Plough Prize results are here, with the long and short lists. No addresses or country credit given so I don't know how many Irish featured but two names I recognise, Peter Goulding and Richard Halperin, who both made the long list for the short poem competition. Well done.

However in the Cafe Writers Competition Dublin resident, David Mohan, took first prize of £1000 for his poem Wildfire. Out of 2146 poems entered! Well done David. Don't know if the results are on the website but all entrants got an email with the results. Nice touch!

Winning and commended titles here were generally of the quirky, interesting type rather than the single word type. Here's the full list of titles: Wildfire, The Burnt Child, Surgery Dog, Hunting Elmer Fudd, When colour Left the World, Siren, Mémorial Des Deportations, The Day God was Angry, Fish Dancing in Desert, Piss Pot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Michael. Congratulations to you on your collection and best wishes.

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Michael,Just like to mention that there's another name you could get to know on the plough longlist for a short poem. John Prior. My Dad! So Proud