Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well today is Bloomsday after all so I couldn't resist this. June blooms at their best in the garden.

Irises, (nearly finished) Aquilegia (too many - must pull some out), Oriental Poppies (Spectacular), Peony Roses (Colour clashes are vital in a cottage garden!), Cistus (The grandchildren call them the fried egg flowers) and the second Clematis to flower. My willow things in the background.

James Joyce's 1901 census form and I presume this is Norah Barnacle's census form. (Norah with a h!). Joyce first went out with Norah, who was working as a chambermaid in Dublin, on 16 June 1904, an event which provided the date for the action of Ulysses. They were in Trieste in 1911.

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