Friday, June 11, 2010

Bob Dylan News

A newspaper report about a English councillor - a Shropshire Lad actually with a very Irish name - who preferred to listen to Dylan rather than say his prayers. What a terrible report. What is journalism coming to? The most important fact is missing - what Dylan song or album was the councillor listening to? Blood on the Tracks? World Gone Wrong?

Eric Idle taking off Dylan in the Royal Albert Hall. The lyrics could be better and it could have lasted longer.

You don't know how bad your fate can get
Until you find you're played by Cate Blachett.

Bob is on a European tour at the moment, playing Thomond Park, Limerick on 4th July. Same day as Battle of the Books at Trim Swift Festival. How long does it take to get to Limerick from Trim?

Picture: Bob pictured cycling in Bratislava during the week.


Frank said...

Congratulations on the Goldsmith! I wonder would Bob play in the Porchfields? Get him for The Battle of the Books!

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Frank.