Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Trip on the Luas

Windy Arbour, Milltown, Cowper, Beechwood

Good line for a poem maybe. Possibly even the last line. They are stops on the Luas, the Dublin light rail system. You know the way any poet worth his/her salt includes Malin, Dogger, Rockall etc, from the shipping forecast, in a poem at some stage. Carol Ann Duffy, the UK Poet Laureate, ends her poem Prayer with:

Darkness outside. Inside the radio's prayer -
Rockall. Malin. Dogger. Finisterre.

I'm thinking of using that line or a similar in my piece for the Battle of the Books at the Trim Swift Festival. Did I mention . . . ?

Anyway that's all because yesterday I travelled on the Luas from Windy Arbour to Stephen's Green. A great way to go. Got a free copy of Metro Herald as well - designed to be read on a short Luas journey. The challenging Metroku (Sudoku) took three stops to do - it is difficult to fill in when hanging on to a rail.

The best thing in the newspaper was the cartoon above by Rick Brookes.

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