Monday, June 28, 2010

Swift Satire Competition

The judge has done his work, the final results are in, the first, second and third prizewinners have been informed. The result will be officially announced at the opening of the Trim Swift Festival on Thursday evening next and put on the website very soon afterwards. Well done to all who entered and to those who were shortlisted.

The Battle of the Books is the next item on the agenda. Our team is (more or less) selected. The satiric pieces have been written (maybe a little fine tuning here and there). It's too late to have a big discussion about what satire actually is. Rehearsals planned for this week.

Last year's event which we won took place at an evening function, this year's is an after lunch event. Maybe a different ambience, an audience less well watered, less likely to respond to feeble attempts at satire. Possibly a more challenging gig!

Our spies tell us the the opposition Meath Writers Circle have left no stone unturned in their preparation. Late night rehearsals, constant rewriting, rejection of anything less than the best. It's going to be tough. The fact that two members of the Circle were shortlisted in the Swift Satire Competition shows their quality.

Take the Battle of the Books seriously? Of course not. It's just a bit of fun. We don't mind who wins.

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