Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aesthetica Creative Works Competition

There is less than one month left to enter the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition this year - Poetry, fiction and artwork sections.

The Prizes for 2010 Include: Winners will receive £500. Publication in the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual. Complimentary copy of the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual. Category winners will also receive a collection of books from their partner publishers Prestel Publishing and Bloodaxe. Click here to find out more information on how to enter.

I haven't decided whether to enter this year yet. I was very lucky last year to have a poem among the finalists and it was printed in the annual. The annual was an impressive publication with a great selection of poetry and stories and very impressive artwork. As the website says: Inside this collection, there are 96 artists and writers that span nationality and age, offering a true insight into the creative zeitgeist of our times.

And the poem that was successful there? Well as often happens I was slightly surprised by which poem was chosen - a fairly traditional form and theme. If someone else had read this poem at a Writers' Group meeting I would probably have attacked it saying "Loosen it out a bit, don't tell us so much, let us make up our own minds!"

So I probably won't enter this year on the basis that I can't be so lucky two years in a row. Though I might look up one of my traditional lyrics that I hesitate to send out and chance it.

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