Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cinnamon Press Poetry Sequences Competition

I entered the Cinnamon Press Poetry Sequences competition some time ago. I sent off my High Noon sequence hoping like Gary Cooper that my worth would be recognised and publication in their Sequences Anthology would ensue. After all it's a great collection of poems, full of insight about cowboys and marshals and Quakers and outlaws, relevant and topical.

Sadly I got a carefully worded email yesterday saying that around 700 sequences had been entered by over 300 writers. The quality of the writing was very high and with many sequences running to six to ten pages we had to make some very hard decisions in order to select the 18 sequences that will feature in the book. I'm afraid we haven't kept any of your work on this occasion, but hope that you will be interested in future Cinnamon Press submission calls. Please do keep an eye on the website for other writing opportunities.

Now I know how Gary felt - rejected. It's nice when they give you information about the number who entered, I suppose they think it will make you feel better. Anyway who cares? We don't write to get recognition or awards or publication, do we?


AquaMarina said...

No, but it's nice...competitions are very subjective...better luck next time Michael. Have you entered the competition I've mentioned on my blog - closing date in a couple of days

Words A Day said...

Too true...Its all for fun Michael!

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Ladies. I took your advice, reversed my previous decision and entered ten pages of great poetry. Don Paterson will be impressed. Hope you two entered as well.