Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dromineer Festival Again

The closing date for the Dromineer Literary Festival Poetry and Short Story Competitions 2010 has been extended to August 27 2010. The Festival takes place over the weekend 7 to 10 October so the judges still have plenty of time to do their business. My entry is already on the way.

Do you check out the judge's own writing before you enter a competition, as regards style, content and form and pick items of your own that are similar? I don't think so though if you are familiar with their work it's difficult not to be influenced. Just to send your best available pieces and hope for the best. Best? How do I judge that?

Anyway poet Dave Lordan will judge the Poetry Competition and Author David Rice will judge the Short Story Competition.

David Rice is director of the Killaloe Hedge-School of Writing and he has kindly sponsored a weekend at the Killaloe Hedge-School for the first prize winners of the Poetry and Short Story competitions. So the prizes now are 1st Prize €500.00 plus a weekend at the Killaloe Hedge-School Workshops, 2nd Prize €350.00, 3rd Prize €150.00.

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