Monday, August 9, 2010

Butterflies on the Oregano

Our small herb garden has a patch of Oregano. This needs little care just some cutting back to stop it taking over. It flowers profusely during the summer.

Sitting outside yesterday before the match reading Rita Anne Higgins' Throw in the Vowels (She did give my poem a commended in Sligo) I was surprised by the number and variety of insects which were collecting nectar from the Oregano. Lots of bees, wasps and various kinds of flies but also these two butterflies. Three or four of the larger one, the Tortoiseshell, but only one of the smaller the Small Copper. These are apparently quite common though they will only occasionally visit gardens.

I haven't noticed one before. Of course being retired now I have the time to look at butterflies!
The blue flower top left is Borage.

The Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme has lots of news and pictures.


Ann said...

Wonderful photo. I don't know why, but you just don't see many butterflies anymore.

Michael Farry said...

That seems to be the case Ann. The usual suspects guilty I suppose including the draive to be tidy and the loss of wild habitats. I've added a link to the Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in the post.