Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boyne Berries Magazine - More

Still on the subject of Boyne Berries magazine, it amazes me how many writers go to the trouble to write their pieces, find a magazine to submit to and then don't follow the instructions. We ask for a short bio in the third person and a postal address as well.

Particularly annoying is the writer who sends a half page of a biography which they expect you to edit down to three lines. We specify that we want only three poems. Many still send in poems or prose only with no bio and/or no postal address. This means more emails at a later stage. We usually don't exclude these but probably should.

We do normally exclude those who send us more than three poems. We have had submissions of whole chunks of manuscripts, innumerable poems or wedges of novels. We delete at once.

So please, read the rules or instructions. If your submissions indicates that you haven't read these carefully why should we or any editor or competition judge read your composition. Anyway submissions to Boyne Berries won't open again until sometime in 2011.

Above: Boyne Berries 7 launch last March.

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