Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Big Snow of 1947

It's slowly thawing here at the moment, everyone glad to see the back of the snow. Someone in the supermarket said that worse snow is on its way for the end of next week. Hope not. Met Eireann is saying: While the forecast for the rest of next week is uncertain, the latest indications suggest more unsettled weather bringing cold and wintry conditions especially to northern areas.

Not as bad as the big snow of 1947. I don't remember it, I wasn't born until September that year.
Good account here, mostly about Cavan here, some Sligo here and here.

More famous people born in 1947: Paul Auster; Tom Clancy; Salman Rushdie; Stephen King; Octavia Butler; Camilla Parker Bowles and Dan Quayle.

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