Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Storm Problems

I know these snow pictures are boring but what can you do? Everything is cancelled!

What's the worse thing to happen during such a severe spell?
Have to go to the dentist?
Run out of heating oil?
Mobile phone out of action?

I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday but he kindly put back the start of the root canal treatment for two weeks.
We ran out of heating oil Tuesday, having just ordered a fill for Wednesday. One night of electric heaters but Emo delivers even in snow!!
I changed providers and spent all of yesterday with no mobile phone. Horrors! Back mobile again.

Reminds me of the time the glass door of the oven broke two days before Christmas and a replacement took two weeks to come from France. And when I was bringing in the electric cooker we kindly got the loan of, it broke the back window of the car. I don't think that was the same Christmas the TV aerial was knocked down.

All well now though. Cook eat, read, watch, blog, write, sleep.


Words A Day said...

Sorry to hear about your cooker disaster - certainly puts things in perspective, even this numbing cold! You're right there's nothing for it but to eat, sleep and keep warm, and blog! (And let the children watch as much tv as they like, even though its a sin!)

chiccoreal said...

Dear Michael: I feel for you and can so relate to the snow storm which is also just beginning to "dump" on us here in Canada. As you know, Canada has had its fair share of snow since time immemorial. We get snow for 6 months here. Great for the snow lovers and I am one. ONly don't like to travel unless behind a sander! Prepare! We are up for the next ice age; what has it been 10,000 years already?

Michael Farry said...

No it's not a sin, well maybe a venial sin. I'm old enough to remember venial sins, you're probably not. Life was so much more interesting in the old days.

Words A Day said...

...old enough to have remembered, committed and done penance for many said venial sins!