Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Sorry I Missed This

I intended to be present at this premier in Tubbercurry but the bad weather prevented me. I think I mentioned that on a trip to Sligo I came across a film crew at the disused railway station at Coolaney where we once lived. They were filming a scene for a film they were making which involved the railway and the campaign to reopen it.

Anyway it's finished now, the premier took place in spite of the snow and there are DVDs available. The trailer is on the website and The 3.10 to Claremorris looks like great fun.

My poem based on the film High Noon was published in a recent issue of Revival.

High Noon

There was this film I saw once
in boarding school
the year of the Cuban missile crisis
I haven’t stopped watching it since
the last time yesterday
just before the postman
brought the invitation
(they don’t do telegrams any more).
I could play Will Kane
at the drop of his gun
I’ve perfected his expressions
especially that disenchanted look
I practice that world-weary stride every day.
I’m from the west too
Hadleyville looks a lot like Coolaney
though our railway station
had no water tower
and I never saw anyone
waiting for the noon train from Tubbercurry
drink from a whiskey bottle.

etc etc

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Words A Day said...

etc etc
what a novel last line!:) but I did enjoy the part you did post!

Hope you are enjoying christmas and best wishes for the new year!