Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Modest Review

Some time ago a poem of mine was accepted by a new publishing venture Modesty Press for inclusion in the first issue of a magazine A Modest Review. The magazine is coming out this week but sadly it will be for the moment at least the only issue. Hard Times indeed! You can download a copy or buy the magazine by visiting their website. My poem is The Journey Back which won a prize at the Goldsmith Poetry Competition this year.

This from their website:

Volume 1 of A Modest Review will be available for purchase in print format through this website from December 21st 2010. There will also be a pdf version available for free. The review features short fiction by Ryan Dennis, Andrew Fox, and Eimear Ryan, with poetry by Jessica Traynor, Adrienne Leavy, and Michael Farry.

With the launch of the review Modesty Press will be going on hiatus indefinitely until we figure out what, where, and how to be. We would like to wish all the authors who submitted work over the past months the very best of luck with their writing; it is with great regret that we will no longer be accepting submissions.


Máire T. Robinson said...

On hiatus indefinitely... that's a real shame. But I suppose it makes the issue a real one-of-a-kind, future collectors' edition!

Peter Goulding said...

Michael, I buy so few clothes I wouldn't get to the end of the street! But a fascinating poem and an entry on your CV that very few of us will be able to emulate!