Saturday, April 16, 2011

Edward Lear on Trim Stage

A first for Boyne Writers Group last night. The premiere of a member's play. Paddy Smith's What a Hoot! was one of the short plays included by Trim Drama Group in their evening of fun, food and entertainment in the Knightsbrook Hotel last evening. A dinner, punctuated by four ten minutes plays, three by Bruce Kane and one by Trim's own Paddy Smith.

The Bruce Kane plays were amusing reflections on love, marriage and relationships often using fairy tale and/or Shakespearian characters and they went down well with the salad and salmon.

Paddy's started with a reading of The Owl and the Pussycat by a starchy Edward Lear who was then accosted by a PR guru out of somewhere like Killnascully, Cavan who advised him on rewriting his poem to include product placement and remove objectionable stuff. Well they spent a year and a day in a small boat together before getting married - what were the sleeping arrangement? he asked.

If it all sounds a bit crazy, it was and in the end Lear becomes just as mad as the PR man and spotting another poet in the audience suggests amending that poet's line to include 57 not 9 bean rows. The audience loved it!

The second performance is on tonight.

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