Sunday, April 17, 2011

Noel Farrell - Booker's World

Friday and Saturday nights a new play by Trim author is premièred. Today, Sunday, a new novel by another Trim writer is launched. What a town of talent!

A very enjoyable function, speeches (well short chats), readings and music, this afternoon in the Bounty Bar, Trim saw the official launch of Noel Farrell's first novel Booker's World.

Noel, a past pupil of mine, has been writing for some time, novels, poetry, screenplays and is deeply involved in film production as is clear from his other blog. We published a poem of his in Boyne Berries a couple of issues ago.

And the novel?

Booker’s World is a coming-of-age fiction novel, told through the eyes of Don Booker, as he lives in recessionary Ireland. As he slides toward his fortieth birthday, he is unemployed after the economic collapse in Ireland. He finds himself in a self enforced state of recluse; with nothing more than his Alzheimer’s suffering Mum for company, and his gay cousin Mitch who helps with her care.
Don begins writing a daily journal in an effort to amuse himself as he wearily limps through his everyday drab existence. As we are introduced to the many things that antagonise that existence, Don delves deeper into his mind-set and the things that have been contributory to his present situation.

A most suitable read for these times. You can buy it on the website or in Trim in Antonia's Bookshop.

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