Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poetry Ireland Introductions - Workshop

I'm off to the Poetry Ireland Introductions workshop today in Dublin.
PI Introductions, that's for young upcoming poets isn't it?

Yes. No! Age doesn't come into it.
But most will be a bit, even more than a bit, younger won't they?
Maybe, I don't know. So what. It's the poetry that's important.
So you need a workshop to straighten the poetry out.
No to . . well to assist us.
So he'll take your poem and tear it to bits and everyone else will rewrite it - a committee poem.
No it will be constructive criticism in a respectful environment.
Right. So they'll tear it to bits and rewrite it.
It'll be a better poem.
But will it be yours?
Stop it. I need the help.
Indeed. So did you pick your best poem?
No I did that last week for the Don Paterson workshop and it has to be shortened by one third.
Tore to bits and rewritten! So this week?
This week it's Christ on the Ass. I like the poem but it could do with a little editing.
Dumping maybe. Who's giving the workshop?
Alan Jude Moore.
Never heard of him.
He's well known, I attended the launch of his third collection and was very impressed.
Did you buy it?
Well no. I did buy his first collection. Enjoyed it.
I have limited resources and limited shelf space.
Just dump any book you've read. That's my rule.
That's enough. Where's my notepad and pencil and what's that word I learned from Don Paterson last Saturday - metonymy, metonymy - must use it .
Older and wiser indeed. That's a laugh.

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Padhraig Nolan said...

Best of luck with it Michael. Hope to get along to the readings. When are they happening?