Saturday, May 23, 2009


Aquilegia pictured in the garden this morning. Gardeners are divided into two camps- those who see the weeds in a garden and those who see the flowers. I belong to the latter I hope. Jimmy Reynolds from Trim, who developed Butterstream Garden here (now alas closed), had a saying which might be a quote from someone else about it being important to look at the flowers not the weeds in a garden. Plenty of weeds at the moment thanks to the rain. Lots of nice gardening quotes here.

Jimmy Reynolds has been immortalised by Trim novelist Patrick Dunne as his hero Illaun Bowe's gardener boyfriend in his series of novels featuring that archaeologist. I've just finished A Carol for the Dead which is based on a gruesome find near Newgrange. A great page turner!

Anyway the aquilegia are blooming at the moment and the peonys should be next. I always found that our garden was past its best by July and was very plain for the reast of the year so taoday I'm putting in Dahlias and Gladlioli - they should provide colour later in the year.

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