Friday, May 1, 2009

Liverpool Visit

In Liverpool since yesterday. Some facts about Liverpool.
The city centre is small and seeable on foot.
The people are friendly.
It rains a lot in Liverpool.
The museums and art galleries are very interesting.
There are not many internet cafes.

Yesterday after the two Cathedrals the Walker Art Gallery. A feast of wonderful art, especially strong on pre-Raphalites and Victorian though a nice early Rembrandt self portrait as well. I particularly wanted to see Dante and Beatrice by Henry Holiday a copy of which was on display in the hotel in Florence I stayed in last year. Here it is, well observed, colourful but lifeless.

Today the Tate Liverpool and the Museum of Slavery. The This is Sculpture exhibition at the Tate was an unexpected pleasure, three rooms of a eclectic selection of modern (some not so modern) sculpture including works I was familiar with only as illustrations in books. Modern sculpture is full of interest, humour and intrigue. The gallery was full of school children examining, laughing, joking and working under teacher guidance. A great experience. Highlight? Possibly Michael Craig-Martin's An Oak Tree. A glass of water is on show on a high glass shelf and an interview with the artist is printed beside the exhibit. See it here. But is it art?

Tonight Bob Dylan at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you are still managing to blog even from 'away'. Have an enjoyable trip and a great concert.