Sunday, May 3, 2009

Liverpool Cathedrals

There are two great cathedrals in Liverpool, one or other visible from most parts of the city centre. Liverpool Cathedral, the Cathedral Christ of Christ, is the Anglican cathedral. Its foundation stone was laid in 1904 and the building was finally finished in 1978. About half a mile away at the other end of Hope Street is the Catholic Cathedral - the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King built 1962 - 1967.

Both are equally impressive but very different considering both were built in the last ventury. The Anglican cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. It is full of discrete spaces. The Catholic cathedral is full of the new spirit of the liturgy and the church after the Second Vatican Council. It gives the impression of one large communal space full of light from modern stained glass windows. In fact as you walk round there are numerous side chapels. The large statue of Christ over the entrance to the Anglican cathedral and the Christ on the crucifix in the Catholic cathedral are both the work of English sculptor Elizabeth Frink.

About half way up Hope Street (Named after a Liverpool merchant not the theological virtue!) between the two cathedrals is a sculpture, the Sheppard-Worlock Statue, in the form of two Bronze Doors which commemorates two recent Liverpool Archbishops Derek Worlock (Catholic) and David Shepherd (Anglican). This was unveiled in May 2008.

Wikipedia entries for the cathedrals- Anglican, Catholic.

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