Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boyne Reading and Open Mic 2

This evening the second Boyne Readings and Open Mic event takes place. The featured readers are Paddy Meegan and myself. Paddy Meegan will be reading extracts from his book ‘From The Life Around Me’ which includes reflections on modern life, recollections of people he knew and incidents from his eventful life. And he has had an eventful life because he is now aged 87 and was on the famous Meath all-Ireland winning teams of 1949 and 1954.

I have finalised a list of poems to read. I thought it a good idea to have available a small chapbook of my poems for the reading so our friends in ePrint have produced Ashes and Snow containing nine of my poems which have been published in small magazines. It's a nice idea and is relatively easy and cheap to produce. I regretted not having something like this at the WhiteHouse reading in Limerick.

Let's hope we a get as good a crowd tonight as we had at the May Reading. The Village Hall, Knightsbridge Complex, Longwood Road, Trim 8pm.

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