Friday, May 22, 2009

Boyne Reading and Open Mic

A very enjoyable Reading and Open Mic session in the Knightsbridge Village Hall last night. The audience was similar to our first night, about 35, and we had 12 readers in the open mic. Paddy Meegan, the Meath football legend, was the first to read and he gave a delightful reading of a short story slightly adapted from his recently published book "From the Life Around Me". The audience was enthralled at the clear well constructed story which gave a vivid glimpse into life in Meath all those years ago without any trace of sentimentality.

I was the second featured reader. I read nine poems which were well recieved. I have decided that the audience needs to be told quite a lot about poems before they are read - they hear them only once, no chance to reread. This means that while they know in general what the poem is about you hope and expect that they will be suprised and delighted by the way it is expressed.

The open mic readers read prose and poetry, all very interesting and well recieved. It was nice to see that some of our friends from LitLab have travelled from Cavan and some of the Mullingar Scribblers also attended. Paddy Smith proved a most genial and efficient host and only used used his timing bell once!

Boyne Writers Group is delighted that this venture seems to be a success and is filling a need in the area. There was a great feeling of fellowship among writers there, writers reading to writers in the main, plenty of applause and congratulations - an encouraging and refreshing night.

Navan based poet Tom French has an interesting reference to Paddy Meegan in a poem (the bottom of the page) in a selection of poems in the Manchester Review. There is an article here on Paddy in a recent Meath Chronicle.

Picture (by Paddy Smith) is of Paddy Meegan and myself at the reading.

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BarbaraS said...

Glad to hear that it went so well.

The poems that you mention by Tom French are good, and that last one is excellent. I met him at Annamakerrig - a very good poet and a knowledgable head on him too; and of course, charming!