Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manchester United

Disappointing result last night. I've been a Manchester United supporter since 1958. I remember reading about the Munich crash in the Irish Independent the day after. I remember the disappointment when they were beaten 2-0 by Bolton in the cup final that year. Nat Lofthouse bundled Harry Gregg, the United goalkeeper, plus ball into the net for the second goal.

I remember Saturday evenings waiting for the BBC Sports Report at five o'clock to hear all the results, a litany in a perfect English accent. I remember United players like Albert Quixall and Dennis Violett. Favourite United player of all time? Bobby Charlton. Great goal here on YouTube. George Best? He had his moments.

I remember watching the 1968 European Final in the TV room in St Pat's, Drumcondra. I think it was in the middle of exam week and there was a small group of United supporters there.

I have never actually attended a Manchester United game but now I'm retired it's something I have to do.

Thought for the Day: As you get older more and more of your sentences start with "I remember".

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