Sunday, February 13, 2011

From the Manger to the Cross

Back to Sligo 1913. From the Manger to the Cross was a very early feature film, was made in 1912, released in the UK in October 1912 and shown in Sligo the following Lent 1913. More info here.

There were two dedicated cinemas in the town and films were also shown in the Town Hall and in the Gillooley Hall where this was shown. These silent films weren't silent of course, there was a band or orchestra playing along. In this case note that sacred music was being played.

The Sligo Times reported great interest in the film with the Catholic Bishop of Elphin attending and saying he was very impressed. It also stressed that people of all faiths attended.

How much was the entry charge in modern terms? Well the local newspaper cost 1 penny and the cheapest seats were six times that, most expensive twenty four times that. Multiply the cost of your local paper by those figures. The UK National Archives have a money converter here. According to that those expensive two shilling seats are the equivalent of five pounds sterling 71 cents.


JW_Firth said...

Fascinating - almost 100 years ago. Newspaper/cinema ratio not actually changed all that much, has it?

Michael Farry said...

That's right. And films have changed much more than local newspapers have I think.