Friday, February 25, 2011

Gone to Sligo

A busy day. Voted early in Trim. Go on tell us!

Set the television to record the Cricket World Cup game, Ireland's first, against Bangladesh. Cricket is a great game to record. By using fast forward you can watch every bit of the action in a fraction of the time.

Then on the road to Sligo. One call to someone who might have something useful for the new history book then on to Sligo town. City!.

Hope to see the new Jack B Yeats exhibition in the Model Art. I remember seeing the Yeats centenary exhibition in the National Gallery in 1971. I bet he still has the catalogue.

Then something to eat and on the Sligo Education Centre for the Sligo Field Club lecture. Talk.

The Sligo Weekender called me an "eminent historian". Oh dear! No stopping him now.

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niamh said...

Enjoy the lecture! That 40 year old catalogue will be very valuable by now! Oh dear - no italics in the comment box - so I cant make a witty reference to your alterego!