Tuesday, February 22, 2011

General Election Posters

I'm not one of those who thinks that election posters deface our towns and countryside. I welcome this brief outburst of colour and smiles especially this year when it has happened so early after such a hard winter - something to do with global warming maybe. A hundred lamp posts in Trim have bloomed. Well maybe not a hundred. Is it just me or are there fewer posters than usual?

Bright idea for a summer festival - have a poster competition and put the short listed ones on lamp posts around the town and let the public vote for their favourites. Could even be short poems on the posters. Must keep that idea to myself in case someone steals it. What? Upstart?

Anyway there must be a list of dos and don't for poster-putter-uppers. Surely the Fianna Fáil party has told theirs not to put up posters of their new leader near closed down or unopened business premises. You can make up your own jokes and puns on the fact that Emerald Jewellers here in Haggard St, Trim has closed. (Emerald Isle etc) I should in fairness point out that the shop on the extreme left is actually open and trading.

Note: The inclusion of an image or remark in relation to the forthcoming election in Ireland (Republic of) in this blog is not intended either as an indication of the way the present writer intends to vote nor is it in any way designed to influence readers in the exercise of their franchise.

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MichaelSheils said...

Hi Mick great idea about the poster competition. Vote Jenny McHugh No 1