Monday, February 7, 2011

The Irish Revolution 1912-1923: Sligo

No going back now. Some details of my book are on the Four Courts Press website here, publication date winter of 2012. 15.75 euro paperback and 40.50 euro hardback. Still far from finished but I hope to make the deadline of November 2011.

My volume on Sligo, along with Tyrone by Fergal McClusky, will the first of The Irish Revolution, 1912-23 Series (Mary Ann Lyons & Daithí Ó Corráin, series editors).

I'm on the 1920-21 period at the moment. Very difficult because of all that has been written on this period recently and the amount of information available but it will be done. Then back to the 1912-1915 period. I do have a plan but it's not a chronological one. I actually started with the end, the civil war section since that's what I know most about. Today researching The Sligo Times 1913 in the National Library.

No cover design either on the website but then I'm supposed to come up with some photographs for the books, photographs that haven't been used yet preferably. I presume they'll use something from these for the cover. I do have a few photographs but not enough yet. Anyone got relevant photographs from Co Sligo for the period 1912-1923 preferably unpublished?


Ann said...

Good luck. Look forward to seeing the cover design. How exciting.

Michael Farry said...

Thanks Ann, exciting and daunting.

McCabeandco said...

Hi Michael, exciting stuff. Hey, if you find anything about the works of Archbishop Patrick Clune and his attempts to get Lloyd George and Michael Collins together can you let me know. He was my ggrandfather's cousin born in Ruan, County Clare. He's buried out here in Perth, West Australia. His story and what he had to do with Ireland in the 1920s is not well known. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the forthcoming new book launch. We have posted a notice to our Sligo gathering friends and Irish Heritage groups. David @